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His Word in Our Hearts

Read Judges 10:6 through 12:15; Luke 3:21 through 4:13

Diane was nervous. She was having lunch with her married son on Friday, and he was considering divorce. Diane knew he would listen carefully to her advice, and she felt inadequate. She was afraid that she wouldn’t be able to help him. But, because she had long made a daily habit of having devotions and prayer, Diane knew the Holy Spirit would bring Scripture to her mind and help her share wisdom from God’s Word. She just hoped she would hear Him speak.

Jesus answered, “It is written: ‘Worship the Lord your God and serve him only’” (Luke 4:8).

Jesus went through a terrible time of testing. He was tempted, even at the hands of Satan, yet He never wavered. Why? Because He carried the only weapon He needed: the Word of God. He had hidden God’s Word in His heart, and He was able to speak it directly to defeat His tempter.

Prayer for Today: God, help me to study and memorize your Word so that I am prepared for whatever tests come my way.

Quicklook: Luke 4:1–13

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